Down the Rabbit Hole, Drusilla, Court Jester, 

Lancelot, Lady of the Lake, Merlin

Banbury Cross, Georgey Porgy, To Fetch a Pail of Water, Yankee Doodle

Pirate Ship, Treasure Chest

Forest Sprite, Jabberwocky, Butterfly Wings, Jackalope, Nessie, Pegasus, Tiamat, Unicorn Barf

Forbidden Storm

Cornish Pixies, Crystal Fire, Hinkypunk, Pepper-up Potion

Hyperspace, That’s Not How the Force Works, You’re My Only Hope, Vader’s Underwear, There is No Try

Kang the Conqueror 

Hello Sweetie, Void Stuff, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Magic Carpet, Sultan’s Palace


Half Pint, Nasty Nellie

All the Merlin’s Experiment colorways are one of a kind dyes.  I can’t repeat these colorways.

Grey Wizard’s Fireworks

Candy Garden, Castle in the Sky, Castle of Coral, Court Jester, Dragon’s Vineyard, Ellesmera, Fairy Toadstool, Gum Drop Forest, Magic Carpet, Mermaid’s Lagoon, Riverside March, Siren’s Song, Six Swans


Depth of Despair, Lady of Shalott, Raspberry Cordial, 

Drusilla, Horse Drawn Carriage


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