About Me

Hi I’m Dawn and I own the shop Fairy Tale Knits. I started selling hand dyed yarn 2011. At first it was small, and sometimes my yarn didn’t even take up one full table. But as my shop grew, I found I enjoyed hand dyeing more and more.

I first fell in love with knitting when my grandmother taught when I was nine years old. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first daughter that I would pick it up again. As I had my other 3 children my love for knitting began to grow.

I quickly became a yarn snob, not settling for the Walmart or craft store yarns. I believe that was the start of my love for dyeing yarn, I couldn’t find the color I wanted on the yarn I wanted, so I dyed it myself.. A few years later I opened my shop, I decided on the name Fairy Tale Knits, because I enjoy whimsy and fairy tales. In 2014 that I switched to only carrying yarns from US farms and mills.

One of my most commonly asked questions is, what is Rambouillet? Well, Rambouillet is a breed of short-haired sheep soft like merino, but it pills less and is less likely to felt. It also has a cottony feel.

So if you are looking for yummy squishy hand dyed yarn, look no farther. And don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter to have magical colors and helpful hints sent right to your inbox.